A logo is not a brand. A brand is a collection perceptions and emotions that tie to a company and its products or services. Logo design, identity design, brand strategy, copywriting, and more are the smaller pieces of the puzzle that ultimately create a brand.


Design encompasses a wide range of influences and principles. From fine art to interior design, all design revolves around foundational principles involving theory, history, perspective, user experience, and much more.


Freelancing is a way of life for many and has been a way of life for some. Having an entrepreneurial mindset often means taking matters into your own hands. Anything from client relations, to billing, to lead generation, and more are discussed here to help improve your freelancing skill set.


Keeping up is hard to do but we try it here at Web-Crunch. The latest news, developments, and more are featured here to bring you the latest from our own world.


Learning through visuals is highly engaging. We use video to teach, talk, and review our own take on design, development, and entrepreneurship. Learn by example and spend less time absorbing content through moving pictures.

Web Design

Web design is about solving problems for users in mind inside the ecosystem known famously as the world wide web. Today designs can no longer static but scaleable. More attention is paid to function over form though when successfully combined many designs stand apart from the rest as well-executed pieces of art. Tools, trends, techniques and more are all part of the discussion.

Web Development

Keeping up with the fast-paced environment of the world wide web is an increasingly challenging feat. Your workflow, your tools, and your knowledge of programming all play a significant role in where you stand as a web developer. How does one keep up? What steps must be taken to achieve results without sacrificing performance and code quality? Much is discussed here.