Websites that Inspire Us – September 2016

I find website design fascinating. If done properly, a website is a home for a business, purpose, or solution which helps aid people’s problems. The look and feel of a website is one thing but often a well-designed website is more than meets the eye. Special care to introduce a quality user experience is crucial to making a website actually convert if that’s the intention. This month I put together a collection of websites that inspired us at Web-Crunch. Hope you enjoy!

I’m a sucker for illustrations on websites. Ionic did a great job combining an illustrative feel with a modern website which makes use of a log of white space. I would compare the style very similar to Marvel which could be a queue as to where the inspiration behind the design came from.

Ed Stafford -
On the 9th of August 2010, Ed walked into the Guinness Book of Records after becoming the first man to walk the length of the Amazon River. This website pays tribute to Ed and his accomplishments. Aside from the purpose the attention to detail with typography and background imagery is very original and fresh to my eyes.

capital of children website screenshot
Though the site is a bit “animation heavy” I really love the purpose and creativity. Using Play-doh as a medium to capture the element of children is pretty powerful alongside the very clean and modern layout. The blog level elements are “off” the typical grid which I find to be a refreshing touch.

Pop Montreal Website Screenshot almost feels like a native app making great use of iconography for navigation. The moving background elements are a very nice touch, but I wonder how well this effects performance? The typography is big and bold and leaves me wanting to read more. Definitely an original take on a modern online magazine.

Screenshot of World of Oil Application and Website
You can tell a ton of work went into the World of Oil project. This site/app documents
20 years of global oil imports & exports in a visual timeline. The end result is very inspiring, to say the least.

Panera land of clean website screenshot
The graphics of this game/website are simply amazing. To think someone crafted these with their own two hands is incredible. Beyond the graphics, the game is well thought out offering the user helpful hints as they progress.The user experience is planned and implemented well to keep the user on the right path.

rsq website screenshot
I quite like the simplicity of this site. It depends highly on big and bold typography which I’m a sucker for. The effect when you hover your mouse cursor over the project name and the background video starts playing is a nice touch. My only concern is the main navigation which is only found by moving your cursor over the logo. As a designer, I was able to find it with little problems but I imagine as someone no always dealing with websites this issue could prove to be a setback.

le gin drouin website screenshot
I really love the art behind this website. It has a very humanist feel with the use of texture. My favorite elements are the buttons which feature a nonperfect stroked border. I can’t say I’m a fan of the scroll hijacking many websites like this utilize but I think for this subject matter it works. Also, I now want a Gin and Tonic!

screenshot of vova kurbatov's website
The personal website of Vova Kurbatov is pretty awesome. I do have to say the eye’s following your cursor thing is a little freaky but cool nonetheless! The site has a very bright tone and his work is really great. Hire this guy!

screen shot of
Matt’s Building Materials is probably the best website about building materials you’ll come across. The design really lends a hand to the branding and shows that Matt’s Building Materials is dedicated to providing their customers with the absolute best in quality. There’s even live chat, which is very handy to get a quote on larger orders.