Websites that Inspire Us – October 2016

Welcome to another month of websites that inspire us. This series is meant to be an exploration of website inspiration we are into from month to month. In time you see trends change and it’s interesting to see happen in past months. Be sure to check out last month’s article if you haven’t already.

type terms website screenshot

Type Terms

Type terms is a neat app that helps you understand typography and its origins. I took a few courses on typography while in college and I feel they were the most beneficial for my career. Learning what typefaces work well together to create a balanced composition is much harder than it may seem. This site is truly inspirational as a result.

hugo and marie website screenshot

Hugo & Marie

This site is unique in the sense that it encompasses the feeling of a classic style mixed with modern flare. The typography is completely serif which enhances that classic vibe even more. The compositions themselves are extremely unique to boot. An interesting design that is very fresh to my eyes.

scabal website screenshot


While I usually frown upon scroll jacking experiences on a website I have to say this one isn’t as painful to use as most. Scabal is a site dedicated to tailored suits and fashions based out of London. The look and feel give me the sense of a very classic place that has probably been existence for some time now. All in all a really well-executed site.

campos coffee website screenshot

Campos Coffee

Campos Coffee is a really well done e-commerce website. The terms “fresh”, “organic”, and “warm” come to my mind when navigating throughout. It has a very clean style that puts emphasis on a “feeling” that is Campos.

Le Presbytere Website Screenshot

Le Presbytere

Le Presbytere is a very simple but original website for a resturant. The site is essentially a single page with great animations and photography to support the content. The logo on the site is also very pleasant to the eye.

l atelier website screenshot

Bistro L’Atelier

Here we have another website for a restaurant. Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of the scrolling as I stated before but the photography on this site makes up for that. I really love how rich and bold everything looks. It’s sure to make your mouth water.

hennessy website screenshot


Good photography and design are crucial elements that make a website unique from the rest. Hennessy’s website is no exception. The brilliant photography alone sold me on this site. Aside from the photos Hennesy keeps things simple and clean using a dark color scheme and letting the products do the talking. Well done.

ming labs

Ming Labs

A first glance I wasn’t all the impressed with the website but it was until I navigated to the work and about pages did I appreciate the attention to detail. Ming labs make great use of grids and offer a not so predictable layout which is clean and refreshing. The variances in color are also a nice touch.

one republic website screenshot

Oh My My Experience

I really enjoyed this micro site. It essentially gives a behind the scenes look at the band One Republic in a series of nicely edited photos and short blog entries. A combination of photos with text and even animated gifs make it a joy to progress through.

yo yo design

Yo Yo Design

I’ll be honest and say I added this site to the mix for the unique menu design and animations. It took me a second to figure out but afterward I really appreciated its placement within the design. That said I feel the other parts of the site could use a bit of oomph to be more consistent with the menu and hero section.