Websites that Inspire Us – November 2016

The end of 2016 is approaching fast and many new website designs are popping up as many of us designers and developer prepare for hibernation.

I don’t know about you but this time a year is perfect for focusing on side projects. Some of these projects include brand new redesigns or rebuilds of some of my favorites. We just announced a new case study showcasing the redesign of Web-Crunch on Couple of Creative’s website. I’d love it if you checked it out!

Ok, on to the websites that inspire us for November 2016. Enjoy!

actnormal website design

Act Normal

On I found the balance between illustration, photography, and interactivity to be extremely well done. Much attention to detail was made on both the creative and product case studies that I thought were very clever being a web designer and developer myself. The color and typography systems are bright and bold but still very branded which also made it stand out compared to many other portfolio-based websites I’ve come across.

project sunday website design

Project Sunday

I’m a sucker for designs that break trends. Project Sunday does just that with a highly branded experience and unique approach to marketing handmade furniture. I think my favorite easter egg is the hover animations on the menu once it opens. It’s really nicely animated and helps support the menu item you’re about to click.

Sequence website design


Sequence is an agency out of Cardiff and London which was founded in 1995. Their home page sells itself with an amazing user invoked animated hero slider that is not like most sliders out in the wild. Clicking through to view work showcases their attention to detail and clarity. The site is simple and bold all while being very compelling.

Evoluir Website design

Evoluri (Evolve)

I was linked this site to show an example of using a larger color palette of bright and bold color. You can get the perspective of the palette almost immediately once you open the main menu. A group of bright colored columns fills your browser offering you insight on where to navigate next. Clicking through the site I found it easy to learn more about the cause and just what it is for. The designers and builders of the site solved a problem well with this design.

A life on mars website design

This one’s just really cool. The inner-nerd in me really loves the idea of space and studying planets, starts, and other universes that exist we may never know about. National Geographic uncovers some unkown facts about mars through this impressive website for a new television series.

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