How To Use The Affinity Designer Export Persona

Affinity Designer has a unique feature called personas which essentially switch what I call “modes” inside the application to what seems like an entirely new environment.

By default, you work inside the Draw persona but there are two more available to you called the Pixel persona and the Export persona.

This quick video overview is a look at the Export persona in all of its glory. This feature is hands down more powerful than any other UI or Vector-based drawing application I’ve worked with. It’s the same old “slicing” concept but way more user-friendly and efficient.

I transitioned to Affinity Designer from Sketch. In doing so I got used to the Export feature inside of Sketch. Luckily in Affinity Designer the same theory of “exporting” is true. In fact, you have way more control as I show you in the video to come.

Included Filetypes and Export Options

Assets can be exported into many different file types including:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • SVG
  • EPS
  • PDF
  • PSD
  • TIFF
  • GIF

Inside each of those file types are specific Export Options allowing you to tailor fit your assets to your heart’s content. SVG export options, for instance, allow you to use presets for web, print, export, and going further you can adjust how images are downsampled. The options seem endless which I really love.

The included presets are a great way to get rolling. I tend to start with a preset and then export the asset at its original size and maybe @2x. Exporting at different sizes is a breeze and is available to you no matter what you export in a couple clicks.

If you’re on the fence about whether to give Affinity Designer a shot I advise you check out the export feature. It’s a big reason why I use this application over the other big names out there today.

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  • Marius Poiret

    Hey Andy, thanks for the tutorial helped me a lot.

    I have a question tho, I am making a character for a game using Affinity and I want to export all the pieces of the character following a naming convention in order to animate it, But I was wondering if it is possible to name each individual piece and then add a prefix to all the assets that are exported when you export the sectors.

    Example: I name each piece according to what they are

    Right Shoulder
    Right Arm

    And when I export them the assets come as Swordman_Front_Right Shoulder and so on.

    Sounds like it should be possible but I dont know how to access to that feature.

    • Thanks for the comment Marius!

      As for the naming conventions you speak of I’m fairly certain there’s a way to make that work. If you have to Affinity Designer and switch to the export persona.

      From there look for the slices tab. Assuming you’ve made slices already or there are layers you’ve made slices from, click the dropdown arrow on the left as shown here.

      Finally depending on the output format click the button here to show a new window.

      Inside that window there are a variety of variables you can add on to your exported assets. I think you one you may want is the slice name. You can add your own at the bottom. Once you add it just drag the bubble up to the window like this.

      Hope this helps!

      • Marius Poiret

        Dude, thanks, exactly what I needed, you just saved me lots of time with this answer.

        You rock Andy, keep up the great work. =)

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