Top 15 Job Boards for Freelancers

Finding jobs as a freelancer can be a challenge. As technology advances, many websites now feature jobs which allow people to work together across the globe. Different types of job roles are offered such as full-time, freelance, contract and more. With more job boards popping up it is making the challenge of finding work a bit easier. Below is a list of job boards for anyone looking for a new job or project.

Smashing Jobs

smashing jobs |

Smashing Magazine’s job board has been around for a long time and is a great resource for their massive user community.Their job listings can be filtered by full-time and freelance, with a handful of categories dealing with design, development, and more. Potential job winners get direct contact with the job poster as well as enough information about the job provided the job poster.

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs |

Authentic Jobs started out as a side project for creator, Cameron Moll. Cameron would get e-mails via his personal website from companies asking if they knew of anyone who could do “_____”. After countless replies Authentic Jobs was born. The now fully automated web application showcases the mother-load of all jobs. Jobs are filterable by the type and you can find anything from UI Design jobs to Engineer jobs.

Telecommuter Jobs via Craigslist

Telecommuter Jobs |

Craigslist, believe it or not, is a great source for freelance jobs. It is also a bad source for finding shady jobs. If you can filter through the bad and get to the good, (I promise they are there!) it will be worth the trouble once you finally land that job or client. Craigslist has a telecommuting filter, which when selected, can display jobs that offer telecommuting based positions to those that are not local to you. is a website specifically created with this feature in mind. With this resource you can easily browse multiple countries within nearly any job field to find that perfect fit.

Dribbble Jobs

Dribbble Jobs |

Dribbble is a designers favorite past time. It’s main purpose is to share and tell what you are working on and offer critiques or feedback on artwork. Another side of Dribbble is the job board which offers both remote and on-site positions across the globe. Unlike other job boards Dribbble jobs is geared towards only designers.

CSS-Tricks Jobs

CSS-Tricks Jobs |

A new comer to the pack is Chris Coyier’s CSS-Tricks Job Board. On this board you will find a mix of front end design and development jobs. This board is a network of jobs that spans across all of his products and projects. I’ll discuss another below.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely |

From the makers of Basecamp comes a fantastic resource for remote workers called We Work Remotely.
After writing the book REMOTE, Jason Fried and his team put together We Work Remotely to give back to the community. With their efforts the job board helped kick start the remote workforce to become more mainstream.

Try Remote

Try remote |

Another new comer is called Try Remote. This is another job board built for remote workers. A job role ranges from a developer, to a content strategists. Basically, if it’s a remote position you will probably find it here.

Find Bacon

Find Bacon |

Find Bacon is a job board/feed offering positions for web designers and developers. Freelancers and filter by search or by category which is either Design or Development.


Folyo |

Folyo is a site geared more towards an employer than a freelancer, but as a freelancer you can apply to be a designer who is available for hire. Folyo has an approval process which filters through only the best designers offering the highest selection to it’s employers. Designers are recommended by Folyo to employers and the rest falls in to place. Do you have what it takes to make the cut?


Coroflot |

Coroflot has it’s own job board similar to Smashing Magazine’s. Users can narrow their search by keyword, location, specialty, and job level. Jobs range from designers to developers to assistants.


Behance |

Behance since becoming acquired by Adobe, has become a great resource for art and jobs of any type. After creating an account users can upload their design work as well as apply to jobs on the Behance job list.

Users can filter by location as well as their field. Some fields include

  • Advertising
  • Animation
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Programming
  • UI/UX

Some jobs are on location while other jobs can be performed from anywhere.


CodePen |

CodePen is a tool for developers to experiment with programming languages of all types. You can create, share, edit, and delete projects at your will. Recently Chris Coyier, one of the creators of CodePen launched a new job board for front end web designers and developers. This job board is part of a network of job listings I aforementioned above which is also available on

Nomad Jobs

Nomad Jobs |

A nomaddefined by Wikipedia, is a member of a community of people who live in different locations, moving from one place to another. is a website dedicated to remote nomads which means you can work from wherever you do best. The board mostly features startup jobs but you can find some well established names as well.


OnSite |

OnSite is another job board that follows an invite only approach. Designers are selected and reviewed before being allowed access to the main features of the website. Upon signing up and being approved, a designer is referred to companies looking for employees.

WordPress Jobs

WordPress Jobs |

WordPress has it’s very own job board offering jobs for designers, developers, and more. Each jobs core focus would be WordPress of course.  Many jobs are remote based while others are onsite.

Final Thoughts

It would not surprise me to see the number of job boards rise as more and more opportunities to work with people all over the world become the norm. The amount of remote workers and freelancers is rising in the design and development industry. Have another job board we missed? Share your findings in the comments.