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July 13, 2022

My Coding Setup for 2022

It's that time again. My annual coding setup for 2022 is here. In previous years I've outlined a similar set of tools, software, and extensions since I get asked about this a lot. I hope the list highlights some new tools you have never tried or found interesting!

The list is below. Let me know if I should be using something that you can't live without in the comments!

I linked to previous years' setups at the bottom of this post. Check those out too!


Software Tools

OhMyZSH Theme

Icons I use

Programming fonts

Frameworks and languages

My current VS Code Extensions list

My list is pretty minimal, but some extensions I swear by. Most of these are excellent, and I lean towards the "less is more" philosophy when extending a code editor.



VS Code Themes

Asset Hosting and Backups

Application Hosting

  • Rails
  • Static sites / Other
    • Netlify - Used for landing pages mostly. Great for automatic deploy via among the other features available.
    • Hugo - Great for a static site. I use it at (my personal site)
    • Middleman - Great for a basic blog/website setup if you prefer ruby
    • Vite - I’ll commonly use this for basic stuff even though it’s capable of so much more.

Past setup walk-throughs

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