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July 27, 2019

How to Install the Spree E-Commerce Framework using Ruby on Rails

The Spree commerce framework is an open-source fully-featured e-commerce solution that integrates directly with the Ruby on Rails framework using three main gems.

In this short tutorial, I walk you through how to get the gem and its dependencies installed. We tour the framework showing off both the front-end and backend admin-only UI. We also take a brief look at the source code responsible for the e-commerce framework.


This framework (gem) depends on a fresh install of Rails 5.2.3. Rails 6 support I'm sure is on the horizon but I wasn't able to install it successfully.

Using Spree you can extend it with additional gems found here.

Installing on your own? Reference the developer docs for more information:
https://github.com/spree/spree or https://guides.spreecommerce.org/

If you're interested in me exploring more of this framework or a popular counter-part called Solidus let me know!

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