How to Manage Color in Affinity Designer

Face it, no matter the tool, managing your color palette(s) is a pain in the ass. Today we have awesome tools to get the job done as designers but where I find they all lack is in a way to manage color effectively.

All applications such as Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Affinity Designer and Photo allow you to create swatches and export them but from there they are a bit lacking. Working in teams is especially a chore as there is really no real time syncing capabilities available in any application.

This video explores the built-in color management feature of Affinity Designer. Apart from the basics of which you might expect from a digital design application, Affinity goes a bit future in its feature set. Color picking and color management aren’t really easy to find from the start inside the application but once you do you will see just how powerful Affinity Designer can be when working with color.

Stay tuned towards the end for one feature no other app currently offers. Mind blowing!

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