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Web design is about solving problems for users in mind inside the ecosystem known famously as the world wide web. Today designs can no longer static but scaleable. More attention is paid to function over form though when successfully combined many designs stand apart from the rest as well-executed pieces of art. Tools, trends, techniques and more are all part of the discussion.

Style guides or Branding Guidelines are becoming a popular trend amongst corporations, applications, and more. These providers offer their guidelines to the public so their brand and identity remai...

Hey! I’m Andy and I built Web-Crunch with my own two hands, some coffee, a lot of time and effort, and maybe a few shots of bourbon.

What is Web-Crunch?

Web-Crunch is a collection of all ...

I am thrilled to announce the redesign of If you're reading this article you are already experiencing the brand new experience!

I published my first article on Web-Crunch in Dec...

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